Air Circulation Lift Bottom Furnaces

T max. 850 °C

Air-circulation lift-bottom furnaces have a moveable  furnace bottom which also serves as a charging table.  The charge is placed on the lowered lift-bottom and  then moved into the furnace. Lift-bottom furnaces are  often integrated into automated batch transport sys-  tems for fully automatic operation. The lift-bottom or  charging platform can also be designed as a separate  trolley for free movement.

  • Robust housing constructions made of high-quality sheet steel
  • Inner housing made of heat-resistant stainless steel with long service life, extremely resistant, corrosion withstanding
  • Vertical and horizontal air circulation with optimum air guidance through air duct system with adapted arrangement of the air outlet openings
  • Excellent temperature distribution of up to +/- 5 K according to DIN 17052
  • Heating by high-quality heating elements with long service life
  • High-quality insulation for low energy consumption and low electricity costs

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  • Charging platform available as trolley for free movement
  • Automatically controlled fresh air and exhaust air flaps
  • Powerful cooling system
  • Semi gas-tight version with gas connection for protective gas applications
  • Horizontal airflow
  • Charging baskets
  • Gas supply systems
  • Cooling stations
  • Customized special design and adaptation to existing processes and systems

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