A borescope is an optical tool used to view areas that would otherwise not be visible. A borescope is inserted into the item being evaluated without destroying the item of interest.


A Borescope can consist of

  • Rigid or flexible working length
  • Light Source to illuminate the target under inspection
  • Optical system that may consist of a relay lens system, rod lens system, fiber optic image guide a CCD or CMOS camera
  • Eyepiece or Monitor to view the image

Borescopes are used to non destructively inspect industrial systems and equipment for condition, manufactured parts for quality and security and law enforcement for contraband, intelligence and safety.

Interested with This Product?

Common Inspections Include internal viewing of:

  • Turbine Engines
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Pipes
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Gear boxes
  • Welds
  • Foreign Object Retrieval
  • Cast Parts
  • Manufactured or machined parts


This product is suitable for medium-sized pipelines, with a line length of 60-80 meters.

12 LED lights that can adjust the brightness.

Resolution 720*576.

There is no need to worry about not working in dark environments.

And the working time is 7 hours.

Built-in 512 transmitter allows you to easily find any problems in the pipeline.

with an 8-fold amplification function that can be customized.

It is a good helper for your pipeline work.

Can optional removable camera heads with different size.


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