CNC Video Measuring Scope

Video Measuring microscope, is an integrated high-magnification, micron-industry-aimed measuring instruments. Combined with powerful microscopic inspection technology, has been widely applied in many fields as follows:


1. Used as observational microscope to inspect the surface finish of work-piece by comparative law, identify ore samples in metallurgical industry, photomechanical print test, inspection of textile fibres and so on.
2. To measure length in Cartesian coordinates. For example, measuring pitch, the base surface distance, engraved line distance, engraved line width, slot width, slit width, the outer diameter of the through-hole and so on.
3. To measure angle, for example, angle measurement for dials, templates, gauges, drilling template and those parts with complex structure.
4. With PC and powerful metrology software, not only a microscope, but also a vision measuring system, even more surprises await.

Interested with This Product?


1. Bright field view of the investigation, positive image and clear pictures.

2. Long working distance lens, up to 2800 times magnification.

3. Precise smooth transmission, less friction so that long working life.

4. Motorized Z axis, can achieve auto focus at high accuracy.

5. X axis and Y axis designed with built- in zero switching, lock them if needed.

6. With powerful software, can measure most 2D data and export measurement as AutoCAD file and other reports.

Technical Specification





Stroke (X*Y*Z, mm)





670 x 660 x 950







Accuracy E1* Ex, y ≤ (3.0+L/200) μm
Accuracy E2* Exy ≤ (3.5+L/300)μm
Resolution 1/0.5μm
Camera TEO™ 1/2” color CCD Camera
Optical system Infinity-corrected optical system
Eyepiece WF10X(Ø22mm)
Objective PL 5X,10X,20X,50XPL
Nosepiece Intilted quintuple nosepiece for bright field
Focus System Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, coarse adjustment distance 32mm,precision of fine adjustment:0.002mm,with tense adjusting device to prevent gliding.
Illumination System 6V 30W/12V 50W halogen and brightness adjustable.
Integrated field diaphragm,aperture diaphragm and pullerty pepolarizer
Equipped with frosted glass,yellow/green/blue filters
Max. Magnification 2800x(Objective* 1/2’’ CCD Camera)
Max. Work Piece Height 150mm
Power Supply AC110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz

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