Condition Monitoring

Monitor, Trend, Trigger, Alarm, Record, Analyze, and Diagnostics.

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OROS Monitoring Solution continuously supervises the vibration and noise levels of your critical assets, notifying alerts autonomously when predetermined levels are exceeded and catching real-time high added value data on the spot.

It is a rugged and portable multichannel system which can be left onsite and operate standalone. No need for the vibration specialist to stay on site waiting for the levels to exceed unacceptable limits: the system sends alert notifications automatically, and the recorded measurements and pre-trigger time signals can be accessed remotely for further post-analysis.

OROS Monitoring Solution completes advantageously classical online protection systems that usually offer a limited access to data rich enough to allow a real diagnostics.

Main Features

• Autonomous monitoring based on OROS rugged and portable instruments
• Benefits of all NVGate processing capabilities for triggering, display, post analysis and data management
• Operates standalone: power cut and restart management
• From basic to advanced triggering conditions
• Pre-trigger time domain signal recording remotely downloadable for further analysis
• Advanced and flexible actions on alarms (notifications, save data and time signals, external applications)
• Automatic alert notifications for rapid countermeasures
• Database and remote access to event log, trend, and measurement data for initial diagnostics at any time
• Flexible storage capabilities, suitable for site with or without a network connection
• Benefits of all OROS software suite for machinery analysis and diagnostics (ORD, Balancing, ORBIGate, Torsion)

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