Dust Test Chamber

Dust Test Chamber able stimulates complete range of dusty environment in order to test the products anti-dust ability, which comply to test requirements for IP5, IP6. It determines the ability of products withstand in dusty environment.

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We deliver custom-made chambers

We will meet your demands to design chamber with good performance according to customer standard and other special requirements

Technical Specification of Chamber

Model LRD-DT-500 LRD-DT-010 LRD-DT-015 LRD-DT-020
Internal Dimension (D*W*H) mm 800*800*800 1000*1000*1000 1000*1500*1000 1200*1800*1200
External Dimension (D*W*H) mm 900*900*1800 1100*1100*1950 1100*1600*2100 1300*1900*2200
Interior Material SUS304 Stainless steel
Exterior Material Galvanized steel plate
Viewing Window There is viewing window on the door, allow operator to see the specimen
Specimen Power Socket Dust-proof socket
Controller Programmable touch screen controller
Metal net Dimension Nominal line diameter is 50um, nominal separation distance between line 75um
Air Blower All plastic centrifugal fan
Vacuum System Equipped with pressure gage, air filter, three pieces of pressure regulation, and connection tube (vacuum pump is optional, if it is needed, please contact with our sales
Concentration of dust (mg/m3) 5000 above
Testing Temp 20 °C ± 15°C
Flow rate of dust (m/s) 5m/s
Portland cement amount 2kg/m2 ~ 4kg/m2
Testing Time Operating Time (S) 5S
Hold Time (Min) 15M
Total Time (H) 8H
Accessories Vacuum pump, Dustproof plug (220V), Wiper, Casters with adjusters
Power Source 1 Phase AC220V 50/60HZ

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