ElcoCalc™ Mobile App

Save time converting viscosity cup flow time into Centistokes (cSt) by using Elcometer’s free ElcoCalc™ Mobile App, available from the Android or Apple App stores

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Fast and easy to use, ElcoCalc™ instantly converts viscosity cup flow time in seconds into Centistokes (cSt).

ElcoCalc™ works out the viscosity in Centistokes for you – simply choose your cup type, enter the flow time, and ElcoCalc™ does the rest.

In addition this software calculates the adjusted measurement for the Elcometer SCM 400 Salt Contamination Meter when used with Elcometer 130 High Purity Filter Papers in μg/cm².

Adjusted measurements explained

If the Elcometer 130 High Purity Filter Papers are used with the Elcometer SCM 400 the reading should be corrected using the formula: y = 0.95x – 0.4 where y is the cleanliness value in μg/cm² and x is the Elcometer SCM 400 meter reading in μg/cm2. Option to apply the temperature compensation of 1.7% per °C.

By using ElcoCalc™ it automatically calculates the correct reading.

ElcoCalc™ is free software that is available on Android and the App Store. Compatible with Android™ mobile devices running Android™ 2.1 or later and also iPod, iPhone and iPad running iOS 4.0 or later.

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