ElcoMaster® Oven Profiling Software

ElcoMaster® is the easy to use software solution designed specifically for the management and assessment of your oven temperature profile, allowing you to generate professional inspection reports in seconds.

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ElcoMaster® Software Oven Profiling Key Features:

  • Oven Logger set up & programming
  • Paint/Powder parameter library
  • Product probe maps
  • Fully customisable inspection templates
  • Selectable probe/channel traces
  • Statistical analysis by probe/channel
  • Max, Min, standard deviation, coefficient of variation
  • Temperature profile, cure progress, histogram & individual cure value graphs against product
  • Time at temperature, time of peak difference
  • Time above maximum absolute & minimum cross link temperatures
  • Fully customisable inspection reports
  • Combined reports – coating thickness, gloss, adhesion, profile, climate, surface cleanliness
  • Report generator wizard & PDF generator
  • Email or export data
  • Import photo’s, data sheets, critical data, inspection notes, etc & include on inspection reports
  • Cloud computing – allows for cross site collaboration, including internal text messaging tool
  • Overlay temperature profiles, review and compare multiple oven profiles over time
  • Use additional data loggers for multiple channels or run overlays

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