Elcometer 1615 Variable Impact Tester

The Elcometer 1615 Variable Impact Tester is a simple to use gauge ideal for evaluating the resistance of a coating to impact (elongation, cracking or peeling).

Interested with This Product?

  • Heavy-duty passivated base plate and anodised arm for long life
  • Graduated tube with engraved markings
  • A quick, safe weight release mechanism
  • Integrated bubble level to ensure the tester is perpendicular for accurate results
  • Stop collar with 10 settings between 2mm and 15mm (0.08 and 0.60″) to change the depth of impact when working in accordance with ISO Standards, supplied with Kits A, D and F
  • Easy fix sample clamp – the test sample can be secured or released by a simple twist of the clamp handle supplied with Kits A, D and F
  • Magnifier x 10

There are two impact test methods: either a weight with a hemispherical punch attached falls on a coated metal sheet or a weight falls onto a hemispherical punch that is resting on the coated metal sheet.

The Elcometer 1615 Impact Tester comes as one universal assembly with the option of six different kits providing the functionality for various impact testing methods.

The test specimen is fixed into position by the quick release clamp. The weight is lifted to the predetermined height and can be set by the adjustable collar device. The weight is then released and the resulting deformation is observed.

The base unit is common to all tests. Simply select the appropriate impact tester kit to meet your requirements.


Technical Specification

Part Number Description
K0001615M201 Elcometer 1615 Variable Impact Tester
Dimensions 1460 x 200 x 165mm (57.5 x 8.0 x 6.5”)
Weight 10.6kg (23.34lb)
Packing List Elcometer 1615 Impact Tester with passivated base, integrated bubble leveller, graduated tube, collar release mechanism, magnifier (x6), 4mm Allen key, operating instructions and carry case
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