Elcometer 1620 Cupping Tester

This robust and user-friendly Elcometer 1620 Cupping Tester is used for assessing the cupping ability of coatings applied to metal sheets up to 1.2mm (0.05”) thick.

Interested with This Product?

The Elcometer 1620 Cupping Tester has a 27mm (1.06”) diameter hardened steel die in a clamping device and a 20mm (0.79”) diameter punch. A hand-rotated crank and reduction drive moves the punch progressively into the sample.

The Elcometer 1620 Cupping Tester has a digital gauge with an illuminated magnifier to accurately view the resultant damage and provides accurate readings of the cupping depth on an integrated gauge. Direct viewing of the fissures, cracks and tears in the coating of up to 10μm (0.4mil) can be viewed through the supplied x10 illuminated magnifying glass.

Technical Specification

Part Number Description Gauge Type Certificate
K0001620M004 Elcometer 1620 Cupping Tester Digital (mm, mils)
Optional Calibration Certificate available
Dimensions 300 x 240 x 500mm (12 x 10 x 20”)
Weight 24kg (53lb)
Packing List Elcometer 1620 Cupping Tester, gauge, gauge holder, zero setting sheet, illuminated 10x magnifying glass with magnet and operating instructions.
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