Elcometer 165 Holiday Repair Kit – ElcoPatch™

ElcoPatch™ ensures a consistent method of high quality repair to reassure asset owners and contractors.

Interested with This Product?

ElcoPatch™ makes repairing coating flaws simple and consistent for long term protection.

The ElcoPatch™ kit comes with everything you need to repair flaws – ideal for use with most approved coatings in 50ml (1.8oz) tubes.

The ElcoPatch™ kits are suitable for use on metal and non-metal substrates.

Both the standard and heated kits are supplied with everything you require to repair your coating flaws – just add the coating.

Consistent Results
A simple design ensures high quality repairs every time.

Save Money
Wastage is reduced by only using the coating you need.

Save Time
Quality repairs in minutes.

Easy to Use
ElcoPatch™ makes repairing coating flaws simple, repeatable and reproducible.

Technical Specification

Part Number Description
D165-S Elcometer 165 Holiday Repair Kit – Standard
D165-H Elcometer 165 Holiday Repair Kit – Heated
T16531775 Elcometer 165 ElcoPatch™ (x 20)
T16531775-50 Elcometer 165 ElcoPatch™; 50 Packs of 20
T16531783 Elcometer 165 Abrasion Tool (x 2)
T16531784 Elcometer 165 Abrasive Pads (x 10)
T16531785 Elcometer 165 Magnetic Abrasion Ring (x 2)
T16531786 Elcometer 165 Abrasion Ring (x 2)
T16531821 Elcometer 165 Heater Kit (including heater pouch, batteries (x 2) and charger
T16531787 Cleaning Wipes; Pack of 60
T16531788 Manual Applicator to suit 50ml (1.7fl oz) Cartridge1 1:1/2:1 Ratio
T16531789 Static Mixer Nozzle – 5.3mm x 16EL Luer Connection (x 20)
Packing List Elcometer 165 Holiday Repair Kit: ElcoPatch™ x 20, Abrasion Tool x 2, Abrasive Pads x10, Abrasion Ring x 2, Magnetic Abrasion Ring x 2, Heater Kit2, Cleaning Wipes Pack of 60, Manual Applicator, Static Mixer Nozzle – 5.3mm x 16EL Luer Pack of 20, Operating Instructions, Carry case and Wrist Strap
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