Elcometer 165 Holiday Repair Kit – ElcoPatch™

ElcoPatch™ ensures a consistent method of high quality repair to reassure asset owners and contractors.

Interested with This Product?

ElcoPatch™ makes repairing coating flaws simple and consistent for long term protection.

The ElcoPatch™ kit comes with everything you need to repair flaws – ideal for use with most approved coatings in 50ml (1.8oz) tubes.

The ElcoPatch™ kits are suitable for use on metal and non-metal substrates.

Both the standard and heated kits are supplied with everything you require to repair your coating flaws – just add the coating.

Consistent Results
A simple design ensures high quality repairs every time.

Save Money
Wastage is reduced by only using the coating you need.

Save Time
Quality repairs in minutes.

Easy to Use
ElcoPatch™ makes repairing coating flaws simple, repeatable and reproducible.

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