Elcometer 1800 Density Cup

The Elcometer 1800 Density Cup is a stainless steel precision cup for determining the specific gravity or density of paints and similar products.

Interested with This Product?

The density cup consists of a cylindrical container and lid with a hole for the exhaust of excess liquid.

Technical Specification

Part Number Description Volume/Capacity Certificate
K0001800M001 Elcometer 1800/1 Density Cup Stainless Steel 50cc
No Certificate
K0001800M002 Elcometer 1800/2 Density Cup Stainless Steel with calibration certificate 50cc
Calibration Certificate supplied as standard
K0001800M005 Elcometer 1800/5 Density Cup stainless steel 100cc
No Certificate
K0001800M006 Elcometer 1800/6 Density Cup stainless steel with calibration certificate 100cc
Calibration Certificate supplied as standard
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