Elcometer 3230 Wet Film Wheels

The Elcometer 3230 Wet Film Wheel is a high precision, accurate and easy to use instrument which consists of a set of three wheels. The central wheel is of a smaller diameter and is eccentric relative to the two outer wheels.

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By rolling the gauge through a wet coating, the centre wheel eventually touches the film. This point on the scale indicates the thickness.

A convenient mounting handle for the wheel is available in two lengths; 15cm (6”) or 50cm (19”); please order separately.

When the volume to solids ratio of the coating is known (generally found on the product data sheet supplied by the manufacturer), the wet film thickness can be used to predict the dry film thickness.

Several measurement ranges between 0 to 25μm and 0 to 1,000μm (0 to 1mil and 0 to 40mils) are available.

  • Continuous scale produces measurement accuracy of ±5% of marked value or ±3µm (0.12mil), whichever is greater
  • Suitable for flat and curved surfaces
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