Elcometer 3570 Micrometric Film Applicators

The Elcometer 3570 Micrometric Film Applicator is made of anodised aluminium with a reservoir and a bevelled blade applicator body and is suitable for high-precision manual application of high viscosity fluids onto relatively firm substrates.

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The gap can be adjusted, in 1micron intervals, from 0 to 1mm by the inclination of the device, using a micrometric screw. The total width of the applicator can be calculated by adding 36mm (1.4”) to the film width of the applicator.

Technical Specification

Part Number Model Film Thickness Film Width*
Metric μm mm inches
K0003570M201 Elcometer 3570/1 Micrometric Film Applicator 0 – 1000 75 3
K0003570M002 Elcometer 3570/2 Micrometric Film Applicator 0 – 1000 100 4
K0003570M003 Elcometer 3570/3 Micrometric Film Applicator 0 – 1000 150 6
K0003570M004 Elcometer 3570/4 Micrometric Film Applicator 0 – 1000 200 8

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