Elcometer 4340 Motorised/Automatic Film Applicator

The Elcometer 4340 Motorised Film Applicator is essential for preparing a wide variety of product samples including paint, varnish, cosmetics and glue.

Interested with This Product?

Durable & Rugged Automatic Film Coater

  • Heavy base unit minimises vibration
  • Sturdy rigid design ensures high-quality samples
  • Up to 15 years of standard use

Choice of Table

  • Standard flat table
  • Single and double-channelled vacuum tables
  • Perforated and heated vacuum tables
  • Electrically heated sample tables available for temperature control

Smooth & Repeatable Film Application

  • Use up to three film applicators simultaneously
  • Test up to two test charts simultaneously
  • 11 pre-set transverse speeds from 0.2 – 3.9 inches per second

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