Elcometer 4695 Display Charts/Spreading Rate

The Elcometer 4695 Display/Spreading Rate Charts employ time-tested, diagonally striped patterns, having a strong visual impact that emphasises variations in film opacity.

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The Display/Spreading Rate Charts are frequently used for hiding power display purposes, by means of drawdowns or brushouts.

Spreading Rate Charts (Form 8H) are accurately 0.1 square metres (approximately one square foot) in area and are used in brushout hiding tests at specified spreading rates as described in ASTM Method D 344.

Technical Specification

Part Number Description Chart Dimensions Box Weight Quantity Boxes
Box Case mm inches per Box per Case
Card Thickness
K0004695M022 K0004695M222 Leneta Chart 8B 194 x 289 7⅝ x 11⅜ 4.08kg (9lb) 250 4
Card Thickness
K0004695M023 Leneta Chart 8H 286 x 438 11¼ x 17¼ 5kg (11lb) 125

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