Elcometer 4900 Free Standing Vacuum Tables

Elcometer 4900 Free Standing Vacuum Tables provide an ideal surface for the manual application of films on test charts or samples.

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Made of perforated aluminium, the Elcometer 4900 keeps a wide range of test pieces absolutely flat (2.3μm variation over a 100mm length), including glass, plastic sheets, contrast charts etc. ideal for thicker, more substantial test pieces.

Elcometer vacuum tables are engineered to be flat and precise with little variation for “perfect” flatness.  All Elcometer standard tables channelled and perforated vacuum tables are 5 times flatter than glass.

Technical Specification

Part Number Description Paper Size
Table Dimensions
mm inches
K0004900M001 Elcometer 4900 Perforated Vacuum Table A4
305 x 225 12 x 8.9
K0004900M002 Elcometer 4900 Perforated Vacuum Table A3
521.75 x 305 20.5 x 12

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