Elcometer Duct Deposit Measuring System

By using the Elcometer 456 Ferrous Top Gauge with the specially designed probe and duct cleaning templates, readings can be taken of the deposit thickness on a specific test area, before and after cleaning.

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Controlling ducting deposits and monitoring their build-up is essential to maintain hygiene standards and reduce fire risks in heating and ventilation systems.

The Elcometer 456 Duct Deposit Measuring System has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the DTT (Deposit Thickness Test) in HVCA’s (Heating & Ventilation Contractor’s Association) Guide to Good Practice, for the measurement of dust and grease deposits within ventilation systems and kitchen ducts made of ferrous metals.

ElcoMaster® software, supplied as standard with the Elcometer 456 Duct Deposit Measuring System includes a template designed specifically for reporting duct deposit measurements.

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