Electrically Heated Titling Crucible Furnaces

When a high quality melt and a high melting performance are required, electrically heated tilting furnaces are the first choice.

At the same time, these models offer a high level of  energy efficiency and are suitable for both for pre-melting as well as for direct pouring into the mould.

With precise regulation of the tilting speed and  accurate temperature control, electrically heated  tilting furnaces are versatile applicable. They  can be moved to other locations without much effort.

The installation of an exhaust system is not  necessary. Operation is noiseless. THERM-CONCEPT tilting furnaces with electric  heating are equipped with high-quality insulating materials and are characterised by extremely low heat losses.

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Technical Features

  • Robust furnace constructions
  • Comfortable working on the furnace due to very low outer wall temperature
  • Low energy consumption, low electricity costs due to excellent thermal insulation
  • Low heat loss, excellent efficiency
  • High-quality heating elements mounted on ceramic support tubes, with free heat radiation into the furnace chamber and high energy  efficiency
  • Low surface load of the heating elements for reduced wear and longer service life
  • Uniform heating of the melt and the crucible through 3-sided heating of the crucible ensures excellent metal quality
  • Crucible optimally protected by refractory concret cover plate, removable for inspection and repair work
  • Ladle hole rim covered with heat-resistant cast iron ring, thus protected from damage
  • Cast iron ring embedded in cover plate
  • Standard crucibles of well-known brand manufacturers included in the scope of delivery
  • Heating elements can be replaced individually and very easily
  • Practical emergency outlet for safe discharge of the melt in the event of crucible leakage
  • Connecting cable between switchgear and furnace in protective metal conduit, optimum protection against damage
  • Low maintenance costs

Also available as holding furnaces with lower connected loads


  • Melt bath control incl. bath thermocouple for direct and precise temperature control in the melt
  • Increased connected load for higher melting capacity
  • Multi-stage switchgear to minimise the load on the grid
  • Thyristor control for gentle control of the heating and silent operation
  • Operating hours counter for monitoring crucible service life
  • kWh – Meter for calculation and cost monitoring
  • Switchgear cabinet cooling unit
  • Pneumatic lid opening
  • Working platforms for convenient loading
  • Standard crucibles from well-known brand manufacturers
  • Crucible leakage detection with alarm message

Technical Data

TECHNICAL DATA                                                                                                                                                           




Melting power*



External dimensions

kg Al

kg Cu kg/h Al kg/h Cu Furnace chamber

Width x Depth x Height

TA 30/12/K

A 70 20 32 18 1200

1660 x 1240 x 2020

TA 50/12/K

A 150 45 43 21 1200 1600 x 1400 x 1250
TA 100/12/K A 300 90 58 26 1200

1840 x 1530 x 2500

TA 200/12/K

TP 287 180 130 54 1200 2100 x 1400 x 2700
TA 350/12/K TP 412 330 160 67 1200

2000 x 1650 x 3150

TA 600/12/K

TP 587 570 210 82 1200

2150 x 1900 x 3570

TA 800/12/K

TBN 800 750 260 103 1200

2420 x 1960 x 3600

TK 70/13/K

A 70 20 70 32 47 18 1300

1660 x 1240 x 2020

TK 150/13/K

A 150 45 150 43 63 20 1300

1600 x 1400 x 1250

TK 300/13/K

A 300 90 300 58 84 26 1300

1840 x 1530 x 2500

TK 500/13/K

TP 287 180 550 130 190 54 1300

2100 x 1400 x 2700

Other sizes on request
Height without lid to top edge of collar plate. *The melting capacity refers to normal industry use in continuous operation with at least 30 % molten metal (swamp) in the crucible. The furnace chamber temperature is at least 50°C above the set melting temperature.

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