It is applicable to a wide range of industrial sectors such as special inspection, power, automobile, petrochemical, machinery, pipes, container manufacturing, suitable for small spaces video detection. The detections include turbine blade, combustor, heat exchange maintenance tubes, condenser, automobile engines, hydraulic, pneumatic fittings, steel pipe, casting, foreign objects inside the pressure vessel, clogging & defects. Also it can be used for anti—terrorism, search and rescue, archaeological finds and other small entrance detection.


  • Through a variety of easy operation and visual video menu , even first-time users can also quickly master the method to use the endoscope by variety of settings and options.
  • By high-resolution CCD image sensor , we can get fine , bright , high – quality images , because the objective lens is focusable and can swap , so the field of view , depth of focus and aperture value are variable , in this way it can adapt all View environment.
  • In case of no main power the battery belt could supply working for two hours electricity to the endoscope.
  • 4-way control handwheel, dismountable, replaceable, easily and quickly get ideal inspection result.
  • High Pixel: In high resolution, with better image, good sensitive CCD sensor, which ensures the ideal effect in less light circumstance.
  • High brightness: LCD high brightness, it can be adapted to work in direct sunlight conditions.
  • Equipment is made in the form of hand-pull box according to ergonomic design concept , with friendly interface and it is scientifically designed well, suitable for a wide range of work environments , light and portable.

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Tube Diameter:


Camera Pixels

160,000/300,000/1,000,000/2,000,000 PX

Tube Length:


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