FFT Analysis – Narrow Band Spectral Analysis

Our FFT analyzer software module is fully dedicated to narrow band spectral analysis topics.

Interested with This Product?

The FFT module offers standard to advanced analysis results:

    • Trigger blocks, averaged in time domain or instantaneous, weighted or not
    • Spectra (up to 25601 lines at 40 kHz) , instantaneous, averaged in spectral or time domain, averaged complex
    • Cross-spectra, FRFs (H1, H2), coherence, cross-spectra
    • Lissajous, envelope demodulation
    • Orders, overall bandwidth tracking
    • Acoustics and human vibration weightings
    • Any units: RMS, Peak, pk-pk, PSD, ESD, RMS PSD
    • Any integration: single/double integration (from acceleration to displacement), single/double differentiation (from velocity to angular acceleration)

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