Formaldehyde Test Chamber

ThermoTec formaldehyde and VOC test chamber is used to test and evaluate the release of harmful substances in furniture, building materials, automobile interior and other products.


This test chamber provides a clean enclosed space (very low background concentration), does not appear liquid water (to prevent formaldehyde and other components easily absorbed by water to be measured), while controlling the temperature, humidity, wind speed, relative pressure, ventilation rate in the warehouse, which is used to simulate the pollutant release process of products in the environment similar to people’s living environment. Through monitoring the concentration of pollutants in the warehouse, the release amount is determined to evaluate the environmental protection level of the products.


The system is operated by a touchscreen controller. To ensure correct and repeatable tests, the device uses modern digital components to monitor flow rate, temperature, and pressure. These components provide a more detailed display and verification of the operating parameters.

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