Gantry Video Measuring Scope

MVG series is latest large stroke gantry type CNC video measuring system. It adopts original imported from Japan screw drive and servo control technology, combined with our self-developed automated measurement software, it has been widely used in LCD display parts, PCB, communication device parts, sheet metal, space industry and other industries for precision auto measurement.

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  1. It adopts TEO™ 1 / 2’’ color CCD camera and professional Pomeas™ auto zoom lens, big FOV, guarantee clear image during fast moving image measurement.
  2. Grade 00 JINANQING granite base, gantry structure, with German & Japanese auto-control technology, can achieve high precision motion, high stability for measuring large volume work-piece.
  3. Programmable control of integrated 40 groups, 8 regional independent light sources, achieve professional surface measurement. Swift batch measurement help to cut labor cost.
  4. Coupled with U.S. 2D+3D optical metrology software RationalVue™, wonderful measurement experience.
  5. Option Renishaw™ touch probe & Keyence™ laser sensor available, high accuracy composite contact or non-contact 3D measurement available.

Technical Specification

Model MVG0203 MVG0405 MVG0608 MVG0810 MVG1012 MVG1215 MVG1518
Glass Size (mm) 300*400 500*600 700*900 900*1000 1100*1300 1300*1600 1600*1900
X,Y Stroke (mm) 200*300 400*500 600*800*200 800*1000*200 1000*1200*200 1200*1500*200 1500*1800*200
Z Stroke(mm) 200
Load Capacity approx. 35 kg
Dimension (mm) 820*1020*1600 1020*1220*1600 1220*1520*1600 1420*1720*1600 1620*1920*1600 1820*2220*1600 2120*2520*1600
Weight(kg) 1000 1250 1380 2000 2500 3000 4000
Resolution 0.5/0.1μm
Camera TEO™ 1 / 2″ CCD Camera
Zoom Lens professional auto zoom lens  Zoom lens magnification: 0.7-4.5X
Video Magnification 20-128X
FOV 12.7 mm
Accuracy E1* Ex,y ≤ (2.8+L/200)μm Ex,y ≤ (3.5+L/200)μm Ex,y ≤ (4.5+L/200)μm
Accuracy E2* Exy ≤ (3.3+L/200)μm Exy ≤ (4.5+L/200)μm Exy ≤ (5.8+L/200)μm
Illumination Surface and transmitted light source adopt LED, brightness adjustable

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