High Voltage Accessories

A complete range of accessories including rolling springs, wire brush probes and batteries.

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A complete range of accessories including rolling springs, wire brush probes and batteries.

Stainless Steel Rolling Springs

Elcometer Stainless Steel Rolling Springs are robust, with flat, rectangular coils, ensuring that a large area of the probe is always in contact with the surface for thorough testing.

Phosphor Bronze Rolling Springs

The Phosphor Bronze Rolling Spring is lightweight and flexible making it incredibly easy to manoeuvre, even on rough, uneven surfaces.

Wire Brush Probes and Electrodes

Elcometer supply a range of wire brush probes for internal and external pipe inspection, allowing for quick, accurate testing of large surface areas.

Telescopic Probe Handles and Probe Extension Rods

This range of telescopic probe handles and extension rods allow you to test out of reach areas.

Grounding Mats

Grounding mats are ideal for use when testing on ungrounded pipes.

Accessory Adaptors

A range of accessory adaptors that allow other manufacturer’s accessories to fit to Elcometer model’s.

Earth Signal Return Leads

Elcometer Earth Signal Return Leads are compatible with the Elcometer 236, 266 and 280 detectors.

Band Brush Probes

The band brush probe is ideal for testing most applications and works especially well in small areas or on complex surfaces.

Batteries and Chargers for High Voltage Detectors

A range of batteries and chargers designed to prolong the operational use of your high voltage holiday detector.

‘C-type’ Wire Brushes

‘C-type’ Wire Brushes are ideal for testing pinhole and porosity on the external side of a pipe.

Conductive Rubber Probes

Elcometer supply a range of conductive rubber probes, suitable for use on delicate materials where wire brush probes may not be appropriate.

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