Hoffman TAM Panel

Hoffmann Precision Star TAM Panels
P&W TAM 146040 Approved
made with German precision


The Hoffmann PT Panel is made from a 0.100″ (2.5mm) stainless steel plate. Half of the test surface is hard coated with 0.003″ hard alloy chrome. Five crack centers are evenly spaced in the hard coated strip. The crack centers are circular patterns forming a star. The un-plated side is grit blasted to Ra = 2.0 roughness for washability / background tests.


Photo Certification is provided with each panel.

Interested with This Product?

Price Includes:

  • Panel with transparent storage box
  • Calibration Certificate (includes measurements and 5 photos)
  • Foil print, glued on the storage box (includes measurements and 5 photos)

Laser marking with your company name and address on the panels backside is available – 
made upon request, please allow additional time for delivery.

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