Kodak’s Industrial X-Ray Films

Kodak’s Industrial X-Ray Films is uniquely qualified for the NDT Industry, with:
• Clean image tone and low noise. Impeccable detail. In short, a sharp, clear image every single time.
• Consistent production quality: ISO9001-2015. Achieved through disciplined manufacturing.
• Durable. Static resistant. Resistant to high temperature and high humidity. Sturdy. Fewer artifacts. Even under pressure.
• Competitively priced: You won’t believe how well our films fit your budget.

Interested with This Product?

KODAK Industrial X-Ray Films comes in a variety of sizes and packaging formats, ideal for:
• Aerospace and aircraft industry
• Archeologics, Paintings, Sculptures
• Composite materials
• Defense and nuclear industry
• Electrical Components
• Forensics
• Forestry
• Oil and Gas Pipelines
• Tires
• Welds and Casting

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