Laboratory Chamber Furnaces KLS-M With Closed Muffle

T max. 1000 °C and 1150 °C

  • Furnaces equipped with a closed ceramic muffle, high mechanical strength of the furnace interior
  • Muffle furnaces particularly suitable for demanding tasks, recom- mended for tests with aggressive substances
  • Can also be used as cupola and ashing furnaces
  • Delivery with integrated ceramic muffle
  • Heating elements mounted outside around ceramic muffle, thus 4-sided heating, excellent temperature distribution in the furnace chamber
  • Heating elements protected against aggressive atmospheres
  • Switching via solid state relay, very precise furnace control, wear- free, noiseless
  • Horizontal vapor vent duct with exhaust chimney at the rear wall of the furnace

Interested with This Product?

KLS 07/11/M in double-walled design with rear ventilation, extremely low outside wall temperature and with parallel guided door  moving up-wards, user is protected from hot door insulation surface,  door frame made of robust lightweight refractory bricks, furnace  insulation made of high-quality fiber materials.

KLS 03/10/M with user-friendly, side-opening swing door, compact  external dimensions, minimum space requirement.

Additional equipment (depending on model)

  • Controller with extended programming options
  • Batch temperature measurement and control
  • Adjustable over-temperature protection for furnace and load according to EN 60519-2
  • Programming and data-logging software and interfaces
  • Inert gas connection as well as manual and automatic gas feed systems
  • Exhaust chimney with fan

Technical Data


T max.


Inside dimensions


width x depth x height



External dimensions


width x depth x height






03/10/M 1000 140 x 200 x 110 3 320 x 350 x 410 2,0

230 1/N

KLS 07/11/M 1150 210 x 280 x 110 7 550 x 580 x 650 2,7

230 1/N

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