MarStand 107 G


107 G Surface plate made from granite
Tolerance class 1
DIN 876
Plate thickness in mm: 60
Plate size in mm: 400 x 250

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Code No.: 4221540

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 11 cm

Product Information

  • Selected, fine-grain black granite
  • Close arrangement of the crystals resulting in high degree of homogeneity
  • Hardness of 6-7 according to Mohs scale
  • Test surface lapped with silk-matt surface, therefore no glare
  • Absolute corrosion resistance
  • Not magnetic and not conductive
  • Measuring tools and testing devices are easy to move

Technical Data

Standard DIN 876
Weight 18 kg


  • For measuring tasks, layout work, touching up and lapping precision parts
  • Recommended assembly (with optional accessories):
    – Up to 400 mm to be used on a workbench with adjustable plate supports 107 Asa
    – From 630 mm to be used with a stand 107 Us or cabinet 107 Ug





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