MarSurf M400/C

  • The best of the “mobile” devices.
  • Surface evaluations using skidless tracing are needed not only in the measuring room but more and more in the production area.

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Product Information

MarSurf M 400 / C. The best of the “mobile” devices

  • Both in the measuring room and increasingly also in the production area, there is a need for surface evaluations requiring skidless tracing.
  • This generally requires more highly skilled operators, more time and more adjustment work.
  • Within the “mobile surface metrology” range, MarSurf M 400 provides the necessary range of functions, while at the same time being quick and easy to use.

Technical Data

IP protection category IP 40
Positioning speed 0.5; 1.0
Measuring principle Stylus method
Probe BFW skidless system
Measuring range mm +/- 250 µm (up to +/- 750 µm with 3x probe arm length)
Profile resolution Measuring range +/- 250 µm: 8 nm
Measuring range +/- 25 µm: 0.8 nm
Filter according to ISO/JIS Gaussian filter as per ISO 11562
Filter as per ISO 13565
Cutoff Ic according to ISO/JIS 0,08 mm , 0,25 mm , 0,8 mm , 2,5 mm , automatical , variable
Number n of sampling length according to ISO/JIS 1-5
Contacting speeds 0.2 mm/s; 1.0 mm/s
Stylus 2 µm
Measuring force (N) 0.75 mN
Weight drive unit approx. 0.9 kg
Weight measuring instrument approx. 1.0 kg
Surface parameters Over 50 surface parameters for R, P and W profiles according to current ISO/JIS or MOTIF standards (ISO 12085)


Mechanical engineering

  • Bearings, shafts, racks, valves


  • Steering, brake system, gearbox, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head, cylinder block, turbocharger

Steel industry

  • Measurement of sheet metal surfaces
  • Measurement of roller surface


  • Surface roughness measurement for hip and knee endoprostheses


  • Turbine components



MarSurf–M 400–3760425–FL–DE–2015-11-19

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