MB 3.0 Selene (Battery Powered with Athena Spraycan)

MB 3.0 Selene (Battery powered with Athena spraycan) is simply Genius! A combination of smart mechanics and efficient electronics, designed to survive extreme temperatures and harsh working conditions, 24 x 7. Penetrant resistant, with acoustic battery indicator and certified with an ingress protection marking of IP68. Beam profile covers an area of Ø 8 inches / 20 cm and generating an intensity of 9 000 µW/cm2 from 38 cm (15 inches). It is equipped with a strong white light LED that generates 1 076 lux (100 fc). Battery running time is 2,5 hours. Batteries can be recharged by removing them or simply charged via an external charging cable. MB 3.0 Selene has been tested to comply with ASTM E3022-18, Pratt & Whitney and ISO 3059-12. It also complies with Airbus AITM6-1001 at a working distance of 21 inches (53 cm). It comes with a spray can holder “Athena” that is designed to fit all aerosol brands used in NDT. Spray and illuminate with the same hand!

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