Micromar 844 A


Measuring pistol Micromar 844 A
Factory standard
Measuring range mm: 20 – 25mm
Package contains: excludes indicator, basic units 844 Ag, measuring head 44 Ak, instruction manual, case

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Code No.: 4487705

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 10 cm

Product Information

  • Threaded connection for changing the measuring head
  • Self-centering measuring head consists of 3 laterally positioned anvils, each are offset at intervals of 120°
  • Anvils from 12 mm are carbide tipped
  • From 12 mm the anvils can be used to measure the bottom of a bore
  • From 40 mm all measuring heads are made from aluminium to reduce weight
  • Always easy-to-read measuring value display using electronic dial indicator and rotatable display

Technical Data

Standard Factory standard
Measuring range mm 20 – 25
Measuring range inch .775 – 1″
Error limit µm 3 µm
Notes error limit
  • Over the full length of the anvils
  • Indicator is not taken into consideration
Dimensions b 9 mm | c 4 mm | d 68 mm |


Fast measurements by lever retraction (covers the complete application range of the respective measuring head) from:

  • through holes
  • blind holes
  • centering shoulders




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