Pipe & Pipe Elbow Weld Scanner


The MultiMag is a highly versatile manual weld inspection scanner for use on pipes from 3″ OD up to flat plate.


MultiMag is ideal for phased array, TOFD and pulse-echo techniques and can be configured for pipe-to-pipe or pipe-to-elbow circumferential weld inspection, as well as single-sided inspections of pipe-to-fitting welds. The frame includes angular adjustment to enable the scanner to be used on small diameter pipes.



With large magnetic wheels that provide a stable platform MultiMag has a smooth rolling motion. The wheels can be positioned anywhere along the scanning frame to give the flexibility to configure the scanner to suit the inspection geometry.


MultiMag can hold up to four transducers arranged as two pairs on either side of the weld. The transducers are mounted to spring loaded toolposts that push the transducers onto the inspection surface with a constant force providing a stable positioning system. Transducers can easily be re-positioned, relative to the weld, and fixed in place with a thumb screw. The tool-posts incorporate gimbals in two directions to ensure the transducers stay in contact and accommodate surface variations. Low-profile tool-posts are also available when surface clearance is restricted.


Compatible with any multi-channel flaw detection system, MultiMag includes a spring-loaded waterproof wheel encoder that is wired to suit any manufacturers instrumentation.


Optional accessories include a guide chain to maintain scanner alignment and direction or a laser guide to track a weld line by eye.


Interested with This Product?

Standard Kit

Standard Kit for MultiMag

  • MultiMag Scanner frame
  • 4 x magnetic wheels
  • 2 x 30mm TOFD toolposts
  • 2 x 40mm PA toolposts with cradle to hold PA wedge
  • Waterproof wheel encoder with 5m cable
  • Irrigation tubing and accessories
  • Hard carrying case


Features for Magman

  • Holds up to 4 probes
  • Pivoting arms to optimize probe contact
  • Tool-posts are independently sprung and gimballed
  • Wheel brackets tilt to assist with misaligned welds
  • Angular adjustable frame for use on small diameter pipes
  • Quick release handles allow easy movement of wheels, tool-post and encoder positions
  • Operates in any orientation from 3” O/D up to flat plate
  • No need for adjustment tools due to quick release handles on all moveable parts
  • Positional encoder output
  • Spring loaded waterproof wheel encoder. IP68 rated
  • Encoder Resolution: 65.6 steps/mm
  • Robust modular construction for practicality on site
  • Large PCS version available
  • For use with any manufacturers probes, wedges and instrumentation

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