NOVA 2.0 Crime Kit

The Nova Crime Kit consists of eight high intensity alternate forensic light sources for crime scene investigation and forensic laboratory use. The wavelengths available are: Purple 400 nm, Blue 455 nm, Cyan 505 nm, Green 530 nm, Amber 590 nm, Red 625 nm, UV 365 nm and White Light.


The LEDs emit a wide beam of light that is “evenly” distributed. The battery running time is 6 hours, continuously. The compact size and low weight of the torch make it easy to work with. Each torch weighs only 0.45lbs or 211 grams.


The kit is supplied with a tripod for hands-free operation and camera filters with frames for documenting evidence. Labino offers the Nova lights in several customized cases, as a single case (1 light of your choice), double case (2 lights of your choice), a triple case (3 lights of your choice), as well as the full KIT with all eight available wavelengths. You can also build your full NOVA KIT with eight lights of your choosing by including and excluding wavelengths.

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