NVGate – The Noise and Vibration Software Platform

NVGate is the OROS software platform. It manages instruments’ setup and signal analysis in both real-time and post-processing. NVGate is the link between data acquisition and analysis results. It gathers the basis of noise & vibration measurement backbone with front-end setup, signal processing, calibrations, transducers’ database, live results graphs, reports and measurement automation tools. It holds natively the Teamwork software technology that boost efficiency, security and quality of measurements.

Interested with This Product?

The monitor is an analyzer into the analyzer. It allows hot swapping to any inputs to monitor with live processing:

  • Time-levels (DC RMS, Peak, Pk-Pk) with advanced triggering
  • Time series (triggers-block)
  • Narrow band spectra advanced triggering capabilities

The monitor improves checking the instrumentation, the quality of signal and the measurements reliability.

Up to 4 additional analysis channels run on a dedicated DSP. It enables using the monitor at anytime without disturbing the measurement process.

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