Ozone Test Chamber

Ozone Test Chamber is used to test the ozone aging resistance of rubber materials. By doing this test, it can determine ozone aging resistance of rubber materials in order to improve the life span of rubber materials. The whole ozone generating condition is performed in an air-tight loop, which guarantees the safety of operator. Static and strain specimen holder are available.


Complied standard: JIS K 6259, ASTM1149, ISO1431, GB/T7762, GB/T13642

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Technical specification of chamber

LDR-OZ-100 LRD-OZ-150 LRD-OZ-220 LRD-OZ-500 LRD-OZ-800
Interior Capacity (L) 100 150 220 500 800
Interior Dimension D*W*H (mm) 500*500*400 500*600*500 600*600*600 800*900*700 900*1000*900
Temperature Range RT+10 ~ +70°C
Temperature Uniformity ±2°C
Temperature Constancy ±0.5°C
Ozone Concentration 10 ~ 1000pphm
Ozone Concentration Constancy <10%
Air Speed 12 ~ 16m/s
Ozone Generator Ozone generated by silent discharge tube
Others Sepcimen turn table 1px, specimen fixture 1 set
Safety Devices Phase shortage protector, current leakage protector, over-heating protector etc.

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