Product Drop Test Machine

The Product Drop Test System is to evaluate the performance that product may accidentally drop during actual use impact, applicable to small irregular products for the original attitude directional drop test. This test is usually used to simulate the free fall of the product during handling and to examine the product’s ability to resist accidental impact. Generally, the drop height is based on the weight of the product and the probability of falling. The drop surface should be a smooth, hard, rigid surface made of concrete or steel (if there are special requirements, it should be determined by product specifications or customer test specifications).

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For handheld products (such as mobile phones, MP3, etc.), most drop heights are between 100cm and 150cm, and IEC is for ≦2kg. The product recommendation should meet the drop height of 100cm and cannot be damaged. The recommended drop height is 122cm for MIL. Intel recommends a drop height of 150cm for handheld products (such as mobile phones). The severity of the test depends on the height of the drop, the number of drops, and the direction of the drop.


Items Descriptions
Product Name Directional Product Drop Test Machine
Model LRD-918A
Drop Height Range 0mm -1500mm (adjustable)
Max weight of sample 4 kg
Max. dimension of sample 300x 300 x 300mm (W x D xH)
Drop mode Free fall, pneumatic drop
Lifting method Electric lifting
Air pressure ≥0.6MPa
Structure -Whole body structure is solid and beautiful

-Sample holding fixture to hold the sample during test

-Falling floor medium: A3 steel plate; wood board; marble

Minimum separation height 100mm
Test drop point Diamond, angle, surface
Counter 0-999999 times (can be set)
Dimension 1000mm x 1000mm x 2300mm
Control method PLC Programming touch screen controller
Safety system Upper and lower limitation safety device

Current Leakage Protector

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