Rain Test Chamber

Rain Test Chamber can meet most published specifications whether BS, ISTMs or Military and Automotive specifications. This rain test is suitable for water protection test for products (automotive parts like lamps, wipers, signal devices) that expose to rain. The test materials are exposed to rain in variety intensity according testing requirement.


Complied standards: GB10485-89, GJB150.8-86, GB4208-2006, GB4942-93

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Technical Specification of Chamber

Model LDR-CR-500 LRD-CR-010 LRD-CR-015 LRD-CR-020
Internal Dimension (D*W*H) 800*840*800 1000*1000*1000 1000*1500*1000 1200*1800*1200
External Dimension (D*W*H) 800*1220*1800 1300*1500*2000 1300*2000*2000 1500*2300*2200
IPX1, IPX2 Water Drop Test Device IPX1, IPX2 Swing Pipe Rain Test Device
Water Sink Save energy according to the colume for chamber Swing pipe semi-diameter R0.3m, R0.4m, R0.6m, R0.8m
Raining Amount 1-5mm/min (±0.5mm/min) Spray hole Ø0.4, Ø1.2 distence between two holes: 50mm
Raining Area Change according to the size of water sink Swing pipe oscillation amplitude ±180°C, ±90°C, ±60°C adjustable
Water Drop Bore Diameter Ø0.4mm (Ø0.8mm, Ø1.2mm optional) Swing pipe inner diameter Ø16mm
Water Drop Bore Distance 25*25mm Swing pipe speed Adjustable
Speciment Table Ø300mm (It can do according to size of specimen) Test time Test time and power on time can be set
Angle for Specimen Table 15° (Max), adjustable Swing pipe transmission Motor
Specimen Table Rotation Rotary table diameter is Ø300mm, the hight can be upper and lower (within 500mm) manually; Specimen table rotary speed: 1 ~ 10/min, it is adjustable
Water Supply Pressure >0.1Mpa
Safety Protection Current leakage protection, phase leakage protection, water shortage protection
Complied Standards IEC60529, GB2423.38, GB4208.93, GB700.1

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