Reciprocating Machines Diagnostics

EngineDiag, Reciprocating Machines Diagnostics Module.

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Integrate the machine mechanical properties and kinematics (number of cylinders, machine cycles, timing diagram) into NVGate, the Noise and Vibration software platform. The Advisor offers an easy software confi guration and results displays based on the machine characteristics and instrumentation.

  • Synchronous time signals with cycles overview
  • Overall level on the machine cycles and kinematic phases
  • Results comparison and trend
  • Angle-Frequency representation based on Wigner-Ville algorithm
  • Cylinder phase alignement

Main Features

Engine Model

  • The mechanical settings
  • The timing diagram
  • The instrumentation
  • The type of analysis realized on the machine


helps to the software configuration depending on the engine model


  • Triggered blocks with the cycle overview of each cylinder
  • Overall level
  • Angle frequency representation: Wigner-Ville spectrum / Energy spectrum / Instantaneous power


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