Salt Spray Machine

Salt Spray Machine is used to test the corrosion resistance of metal surface finishing of painting, coating, electroplating, and anodizing in condition of exposed to salt spray. The entire system is made of high quality PVC combined with other anti-corrosive materials. This guarantees a corrosion resistant, long life and perfect seal. Capacity of machine available in 108L, 320L, 410L, 780L, 1000L, 1600L capacity.


The most well known corrosion test methods used are (1) neutral salt spray tests, (2) acetic acid salt spray tests and (3) CASS, cyclic corrosion salt spray tests. They are complies to national and international standards: IEC 60068-2-11-1981, IEC 68-2-52 1996, ISO 9227:1990, ASTM. B117-97, JIS H8502, DIN

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Technical Specification of Chamber

Model LRD-SP-150 LRS-SP-250 LRD-SP-750 LRD-SP-010 LRD-SP-016 LRD-SP-020
Interior Capacity (L) 108 270 413 663 816 1080
Temperature Range R+10°C ~ +55°C
Temperature Constancy ±0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity <+2°C
Spray Volume Adjustable from 1 to 2ml/hr per 80cm²
Spray Method Tower type or baffle type
Top tower angles 110 ~ 120°
Saturator tank temperature RT+10°C ~ +60°C
Internal Dimensions W*H*D (mm) 600*400*450 900*500*600 1100*500*700 1300*600*850 1600*600*850 2000*600*900
External Dimensions W*H*D (mm) 1100*1120*650 1400*1310*800 1700*1310*950 1900*1360*1050 2200*1360*1050 2600*1360*1100

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