Sound Quality

OROS Sound Quality solution is the ideal tool for psychoacoustic metrics determination and intuitive sound design.

2 modules are available:

  • Sound Quality Lite is designed for psychoacoustic metrics determination and filtered playback, optimally user-friendly and efficient
  • Sound Quality Plus is a complete and advanced sound quality solution, the ideal tool for comprehensive analysis of sounds and intuitive sound design

Interested with This Product?

Nowadays, with the evolution in demand for comfort and quality products, the feeling provoked by the sound a product makes has become a key issue.

OROS Sound Quality solutions are software modules designed to perform efficient sound evaluation and sound design processes closely related to human auditory perception.

Main features

  • Accurate and standardized psychoacoustic metrics determination
  • Interactive sound filtering: Frequency-based & Order-based
  • Auditory spectrogram: Time-frequency aurally-related analysis, making aural sensations visible
  • Intuitive sound design via innovative editing and resynthesis of auditory representations
  • Comprehensive frequency analysis, including modulation analysis and wavelet analysis
  • Order analysis and RPM-based display
  • Playlist management for fast & easy comparison
  • Distance spectrogram for visualizing differences between two sounds
  • Embedded platform data management: direct compatibility with the OROS range


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