Teamwork Software Technology

High efficiency software for teams


The OROS software features native technology boosting the efficiency, security and quality of your measurements. Natively embedded in each critical software locations, the Teamwork technology provides a complete environment dedicated to high efficiency analyses.

Interested with This Product?

Measured and analyzed data benefit from DataSet Management, the native OROS technology for measurement sharing and archiving that boost team exchanges and data security easiness:

  • No database, DataSet Management use any Windows or network directory,
  • All information gathered within the measurement from project, setup and user,
  • Include any file in the measurements; pictures, e-mails, Excel files, pdf, etc
  • Fast feeding properties with automated behavior, user defined
  • Direct data mining with efficient filtering,
  • Integrated share/collate features with pro merging,
  • Secured exchanges with background log files.

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