Time Analysis and Recording

The wealth of signal is not hidden in the spectral content only. The time series hold rich indicators from both the signal envelope and the statistical indicators. The TDA software module offers powerful results to monitor the signal and to extract chocs and vibrations indicators.

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The time view results display the signal envelope on a rolling buffer with a user define time base. The graph can run continuously independently from the other analyses runs/stops offering a great monitoring of the sensor installation.

For advanced monitoring, the signal can be surveyed with different time basis, from seconds to hundred hours, providing simultaneous short-term and long-term views of the signal envelope.

Each graph allows exploring the signal content. A table of statistics is extracted from the selected area of signal. It indicates the averaged DC, Min, Max, RMS, Peak, Pk,Pk, Crest factor and kurtosis levels. Graph can be paused for exploration and return back to the real-time signal.

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