UVG5 2.0 Midlight with White Light

UVG5 2.0 Midlight with white light – Extremely durable! Compact, powerful and adjustable headlight that frees your hands during inspections. This model comes with white light. The beam profile is probably the largest and smoothest of any UV-A headlight on the market today. Beam profile covers an area of Ø 3.8 inches / 9.5 cm and generating an intensity of 9 000 µW/cm2 from a distance of 38 cm (15 inches). Battery running time is 14 hours. UVG5 2.0 Midlight has been tested to comply with ASTM E3022-18, Airbus AITM6-1001, Pratt & Whitney and ISO 3059-12 standards. There are two different white lights you can use to operate the UVG5 2.0 with, (a) a strong “search” white light for use in dark and tight spaces such as pipes and tanks and (b) a visual inspection white light.

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