Vertical Profile Projector

Profile projector is mainly used for the measurement of the mechanical parts of the length, angle, contour and surface shape can inspect all kinds of surface and outline of complicated work-Pieces, cam, screw thread, gear, perform milling cutter and so on, widely used in meter, electron, aerospace machinery, light industry, college, research institute and measurement-inspecting department.

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It has good quality optical system, imaging lens clear and accurate magnification. In the transmission of the illumination, the profile measurement error is less than 0.08%. Coordinate measurement deviation is ≤(3.0 + L/200) um, L be regarded as the length of measured parts (mm). Instrument equipped with a dedicated mini-printer and foot switch, DC-3000 Digital Readout, which makes display and measuring very handy.

P.S The Digital Readout has a function of interchange between mm and inches

Technical Specification






Metal Table Size (mm)




Glass Table Size (mm)


260 *160

306 *196

X Stroke (mm)


200 250
Y Stroke (mm) 50 100


Z Stroke (mm)

90 focus 90 focus 90 focus
Accuracy(µm) 3.0+L/200 3.0+L/200


Scale Resolution (X, Y): 0.001/0.0005mm
Projector screen Screen size (mm): Ø 312, Used range>Ø 300
Screen Rotary Range: 0°~360°
Resolution(X, Y): 1´ or 0.01°
Lens Lens : 10X (standard) 20X (option)   50X(option) 100X(option)
Object View (mm): Ø30   Ø15   Ø6   Ø3
Working Distance (mm): 77.7   44.3   38.4   25.3
Data Processor DC-3000, can be used to gather the data and measure the point, line, circle, angle and distance.
Illumination The illumination of transmission and reflection: 24V/150W-halogen lamp.
Power 110V/220V(AC), 50/60HZ,    Total power:400W
Cooling Forced cooling
Optional Mini-printer, Edge detector, M2D software and so on

 All data is tested according to Standard JJF1093-2002
Specifications subject to change without notice

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