AC/DC Yoke WE-7K

The WE-7 lifts over 10 pounds (4.5kg) in AC Mode and lifts over 50 Pounds (23kg) in DC Mode, exceeding ASTM or ASME Specifications. The WE-7 is equipped with infinitely variable DC output, so depending on the workpiece size, the operator doesn’t have to risk saturating a small part. The AC/DC Selector Switch is equipped with a unique feedback loop, to eliminate failures due to switching between modes when the unit is activated.

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  • WE-7 (115V)
  • WE-7K (230V)

Voltage: 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz


  • 4.0 Amps (WE-7)
  • 2.0 Amps (WE-7K)

Cord Length: 12’(3.7m), 3-18 SOOW


  • AC-10 pounds (4.6kg)
  • DC-50 pounds (23kg)

Capacity: 0 to 11” (0-280mm)

Finish: Black Urethane Rubber

Weight: 75 pounds (3.5kg)

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