DC Yoke WC-9

The ergonomically designed housing combined with its light weight, reduces operator fatigue and strain permitting better and longer inspections. The compact design allows the WC-9 to fit into confined spaces better than our full-size W-Series Models. Combined with our Universal Articulating Pole Pieces, the WC-9 can fit almost any configuration of work piece. All W-Series Yokes have more height between the operator’s hand and the work piece, which means faster inspection due to a larger view of the target area.

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Models: WC-9


  • Battery – 13.2 VDC
  • Charger – 115VAC, 50-60Hz


  • Yoke – 0.5 Amps @ 13.2 VDC
  • Charger – 0.2 Amps @ 115VAC

Capacity: 0-11″ (280mm)

Lift: 50 Pounds (23Kg) Min

Weight: 7.8 Pounds (3.5Kg)

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