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LingTec Biological-Safety Cabinet: Best Bio-Safety Cabinets Provider in Malaysia

In Malaysia, LingTec sets the standard for biosafety cabinets, providing a superior selection of certified safety cabinets. As the foremost supplier in the region, LingTec is synonymous with quality and reliability. Their cabinets are engineered to facilitate effective decontamination and meet the rigorous demands of any research or pharmaceutical setting. Each cabinet is a testament to the high standards of safety and performance, backed by skilled technicians dedicated to ensuring optimal functionality. For those handling biohazardous materials and seeking assurance in biosafety, LingTec’s cabinets represent the ultimate solution.

What is a Biosafety Cabinet?

A Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), also known as a Biosafety Cabinet is mainly used for handling pathogenic biological samples or for applications that require a sterile work zone. A biological safety cabinet creates inflow and downflow of air that provides operator protection.

The downflow air passes through a ULPA/HEPA filter and creates an ISO Class iii standard work zone to protect samples from the risk of cross-contamination. The air exhaust also passes through a ULPA/HEPA filter before release to protect the environment.

When working with potentially dangerous biological agents, it is crucial to have a controlled environment that minimizes the risk of exposure. Bio-safety cabinets provide this controlled environment by creating a physical barrier between the operator and the hazardous materials. They are designed to maintain a high level of cleanliness, preventing the release of harmful substances into the laboratory or the outside environment.

These cabinets are typically made of stainless steel and have a transparent front panel made of tempered glass. The glass panel allows the operator to observe and manipulate the samples inside without compromising the safety of the environment. Additionally, the cabinets are equipped with a ventilation system that ensures the air inside is constantly filtered and recirculated, removing any potentially harmful particles.

Features of Biological Safety Cabinet

When it comes to the features of LingTec’s bio-safety cabinets, they are truly impressive. These cabinets are designed to offer the highest level of safety and efficiency. Here are some standout features:

  • Advanced HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters to ensure a clean working environment
  • Smart airflow systems for effective containment of biohazardous aerosols
  • Microprocessor-based control systems for precise regulation of airflow and environmental conditions
  • Ergonomic design for user comfort and convenience
  • Multiple alarms and safety features to warn users of any potential risks

Protect users from biohazardous aerosols generated inside the chamber

One of the crucial functions of LingTec’s bio-safety cabinets is to protect laboratory personnel from biohazardous aerosols that may be generated during various procedures. These aerosols can pose a significant risk to the health of the individuals working in the facility. However, with LingTec’s bio-safety cabinets, you can rest assured that the airflow system will effectively contain and filter out any potentially harmful particles.

Protect the work surface from contamination with biohazardous materials

In addition to protecting the personnel, LingTec’s bio-safety cabinets also ensure that the work surface remains uncontaminated. The cabinets are specifically designed to prevent any biohazardous materials from coming into contact with the work surface, thereby minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of experiments and ensuring accurate results.

Used to contain biohazardous materials

Biohazardous materials require special handling and containment to prevent any accidental exposure or release into the environment. LingTec’s bio-safety cabinets provide a secure and controlled environment for handling such materials. With their robust construction and advanced safety features, these cabinets offer peace of mind knowing that potentially dangerous substances are properly contained.

Easy to clean and disinfect

Keeping the work environment clean and free from contamination is of utmost importance in laboratories and healthcare facilities. LingTec’s bio-safety cabinets are designed with easy cleaning and disinfection in mind. The surfaces are smooth and seamless, allowing for effective sterilization and preventing the buildup of pathogens.

How to Choose the Proper Features of a Biological Safety Cabinet?

  1. Assessment of Research Facility Needs: Begin by thoroughly evaluating the specific requirements of your research facility to determine the most suitable biological safety cabinet.
  2. Exploration of LingTec Cabinet Range: Review LingTec’s extensive selection of biological safety cabinets, each with unique features and functionalities, including HEPA filters and laminar flow systems, ensuring a contaminant-free environment.
  3. Certification Standards: Ensure that each cabinet option is certified to meet ISO standards, confirming compliance with rigorous safety and quality benchmarks.
  4. Research Type Consideration: Reflect on the type of biological material and research being conducted to ascertain the appropriate cabinet class.
  5. Hazardous Material Classification: Identify the class of hazardous materials managed in your research—class II or class III—to select a cabinet designed for your safety requirements.
  6. Equipment Compatibility: Confirm that the cabinet accommodates specific research equipment, such as centrifuges, without compromising functionality or safety.
  7. Lab Space Evaluation: Measure the available space in your lab to choose a cabinet that fits comfortably within the lab’s exterior dimensions, ensuring efficient use of space.
  8. Consultation with LingTec Technicians: Engage with a LingTec technician for professional advice. Their expertise will help you navigate through these criteria to find a biological safety cabinet that not only meets certification requirements but also fits the axiom of your lab’s unique demands.

Browse Our Lingtec Biosafety Cabinets Catalogue and Find Your Perfect Match!

In addition to its notable biosafety cabinets, LingTec caters to the realm of occupational health and lab safety with a versatile collection of water baths. These units offer meticulous temperature regulation, essential for a broad spectrum of research applications. For tasks ranging from sample incubation to standard laboratory processes, LingTec provides the ideal solution. Explore their comprehensive selection to locate the water bath that aligns precisely with your biosafety and research specifications.


  1. How does a bio-safety cabinet work?

A bio-safety cabinet works by creating a controlled and filtered airflow environment that prevents the release and spread of biohazardous aerosols.

  1. How many classes does the bio-safety cabinet have?

Bio-safety cabinets are categorized into three different classes, each offering varying levels of containment and protection.

  1. How often should a bio-safety cabinet be certified?

To remain compliant with health and safety regulations, biosafety cabinets should undergo certification yearly to maintain dependable protection for laboratory staff.

  1. What is the difference between a bio-safety cabinet and a fume hood?

Bio-safety cabinets and fume hoods are protective enclosures, but bio-safety cabinets offer a superior standard of work safety by filtering biohazardous aerosols, while fume hoods focus on extracting chemical fumes.


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